An Illusion Of Modernity

Mostly technology in school offers an “illusion of modernity” – automating routine tasks like word processing, or watching a teacher having fun at the smartboard. If students do get online in school – it often involves viewing “filtered” web content with limited functionality.  Of course students need lessons in “digital hygiene.” But curating all their web content and interactions doesn’t teach them responsible use, it just sequesters them behind a firewall. “Suspicion invites treachery” ~ Voltaire

This quote is taken from an excellent blog post by Peter Pappas. The idea of schools creating an “illusion of modernity” is also true for teachers. There are many teachers who seemingly embrace technology without truly understanding the concept of 21st century learning. I fear that in many classrooms old paradigms are continued with new technologies.

Two things are needed if we are to avoid this:

1) An open mind

2) A willingness to learn new pedagogies which reflect the reality of the 21st century

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