Stale Teachers Stink!

It seems to me that teachers can very quickly become set in their ways. It becomes easy to haul out files of work done in previous years and simply present it again to the current class. Large files are kept ready to be opened when a particular section of work is to be taught and pupils who catch on to the pattern can score high on assessments as they borrow a book from a pupil who had the same test the year before.

A stale teacher is an albatross around the neck of any school, class or pupil. They either need to be helped to improve or helped to leave.

We can choose to blame the education department, financial woes of the school, the changing nature of society, increased class size or poor school leadership but if we fail to address the issue of outdated, tired and repetitive teachers, we are not really tackling the problem.

Ongoing professional development opportunities, peer review mechanisms and a culture of professional accountability are important factors in keeping teachers fresh and “in the game”. I certainly do not want “stale” teachers in my school nor do I wish this for my own children.

Teachers need to be taken back to the day when they walked into their first classroom and reminded of what that felt like. I encourage my staff to remember the feelings of excitement, wonder and enthusiasm as they started their teaching careers and challenge them to remember why they entered the profession in the first place. Our nation faces serious challenges in the education sector. One area we should not have to worry about is teachers who have forgotten their calling to the classroom!


2 thoughts on “Stale Teachers Stink!

  1. And what a stench we have! Can you imagine doctors not progressing to more modern methods, farmers still tilling the soil with a span of oxen, or draughtsmen still using their old drawing board.

    And talking about staleness, so many teachers refuse to bring technology into their classrooms! What shall we do with them?

  2. Arthur Preston says:

    Thanks for the comment Kobus. You are absolutely correct. It stuns me when teachers state that they don’t need to embrace technology in their teaching as what they are doing is working just fine! I’m not sure they would go to a doctor with the same attitude to professional development! 🙂

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